We are pleased to announce new in-house flood modelling capabilities.  

Our already extensive civil and structural expertise has been expanded to include a range of flood modelling services including: 
  • 2D flood plain modelling
  • 1D / 2D flood plain coupled modelling
  • Hydrologic (rainfall/runoff) modelling
  • Investigation of existing flooding regimes
  • Post-development catchment hydrologic assessments
  • Development impact investigation and reporting
  • Integral flood impact assessments / mitigation and master planning 

We see real benefits in working with you to seamlessly integrate the early flood modelling and master planning with the detailed design phases to ensure practical, cost effective outcomes.  With over 30 years combined experience working with North Queensland's intense temporal patterns, our expertise provides you with the confidence and ability to determine the best possible project outcomes.

Critical to meeting the objectives of projects is the management and translation of the conditions of approval and policies into the most efficient designs.  With our combined services we can give you the best possible engineering solutions.  

Examples of the types of projects we can provide assistance with are master planned green field sites with major streams, flood plains and associated stormwater mitigation infrastructure to small infill developments.

Further information on how our flood modelling capabilities can assist you is provided below. 


Flood Modelling Associated with Master Planning

Northern Consulting Engineers (NCE) are experienced in the master planning of green field estates and the potential impacts of developing in and around flood plains.  We are able to determine the most effective mitigation measures for your project.  These measures may be driven by yield requirements, cost constraints or simply topography.  Whatever the driver NCE can present a range of suitable options for consideration.  Whether you have a layout in mind or you'd like us to develop one in conjunction with the flood modelling, our expertise will ensure you get the best possible outcome.


Flood Plain Modelling / Hydrologic & Hydraulic Analyses

NCE undertake a range of services involving 1D / 2D flood plain modelling for a range of applications:

  • Investigation of existing flooding potential
  • Base line flooding assessments
  • Flood hazard assessments
  • Post-development catchment hydrologic analyses
  • Development impact assessments
  • Flood impact assessments / mitigation integrated with master planning 

An important element in the development impact assessment process is modelling existing flood events to determining the optimum or best use proposal by offsetting impacts through cost effective, sustainable mitigation methods.  


Water Sensitive Urban Design 

We provide water sensitive urban design (WSUD) services relating to a variety of developments.  These include an assessment of the most effective treatment options aligned with state, federal and local authority requirements.  Appropriate stormwater modelling and device selection is utilised to ensure the proposed system achieves the quality objectives, is cost effective and has low ongoing maintenance.  We also provide the design of effective and low maintenance erosion and sediment control. 


Urban Stormwater Design 

NCE provide an extensive range of services for various urban stormwater applications including residential, commercial and industrial developments.  We provide advice on the most appropriate stormwater design for your specific needs.  Whether it is for a complex stormwater system requiring dynamic modelling with detention / retention / WSUD or a simple pipe network, our experienced staff have the knowledge and skill to provide highly efficient stormwater management outcomes using the most appropriate design tools.