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Northern Consulting Engineers has extensive, in-house flood modelling capabilities.

Our exceptional Civil and Structural expertise is complemented by a range of flood modelling services, including:

  • 2D flood plain modelling
  • 1D / 2D flood plan coupled modelling
  • Hydrologic (rainfall/runoff) modelling
  • Investigation of existing flooding regimes
  • Post-development catchment hydrologic assessments
  • Development impact investigation and reporting
  • Integral flood impact assessments/mitigation and master planning

Northern Consulting Engineers is your trusted partner for master planning of green field estates and provides expert guidance on developing in and around flood plains. With our wealth of experience, we understand the potential impacts of such projects and are dedicated to providing effective mitigation measures tailored to your specific needs.

We recognise that each project comes with unique requirements, whether driven by yield objectives, cost constraints, or the intricate interplay between topography and floodplain dynamics. Our team of skilled professionals is adept at navigating these complexities and offering a comprehensive range of suitable options for your consideration.

If you already have a layout in mind, we will work closely with you to incorporate your vision while ensuring it aligns with the flood modelling and mitigation strategies. Alternatively, if you prefer us to develop a layout from scratch, our expertise will be instrumental in creating an optimal plan that maximises the benefits and minimises the potential risks associated with flood plains.

Our approach is centred on delivering the best possible outcomes for your project. We combine our technical expertise, state-of-the-art tools, and a deep understanding of floodplain dynamics to assess your site’s unique challenges and opportunities. This allows us to provide recommendations that balance your goals and the necessary flood risk management measures.

At Northern Consulting Engineers, we are committed to excellence, precision, and innovation. We are dedicated to delivering solutions that meet regulatory requirements and exceed expectations. Our holistic approach ensures that your project thrives and stands the test of time.

Water-Sensitive Urban Design

We provide water-sensitive urban design (WSUD) services relating to various developments.  These include assessing the most effective treatment options aligned with state, federal and local authority requirements.  Appropriate stormwater modelling and device selection is utilised to ensure the proposed system achieves the quality objectives, is cost-effective and has low ongoing maintenance.  We also provide the design of effective and low-maintenance erosion and sediment control.

Urban Stormwater Design

We provide extensive services for various urban stormwater applications, including residential, commercial and industrial developments.  We provide advice on the most appropriate stormwater design for your specific needs.  Whether it be for a complex stormwater system requiring dynamic modelling with detention/retention / WSUD or a simple pipe network, our experienced staff have the knowledge and skill to provide highly efficient stormwater management outcomes using the most appropriate design tools.