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Leading our traffic survey and traffic impact assessment team is Derek Saw, a highly skilled professional with decades of experience in designing and detailing roads and streets. At Northern Consulting Engineers, our expertise has expanded to include complex traffic surveys, parking surveys, and comprehensive Traffic Impact Assessments (TIAs) for developments that generate traffic.

We are proud to introduce our Scout traffic camera system, which allows us to provide efficient and cost-effective survey options for Traffic Movement Counts (TMCs) at intersections and mid-block counts.

Traffic movement surveys

  • Intersection traffic movement counts conducted with Scout video camera devices.
  • Mid-block counts conducted with Scout video camera devices.
  • Video images for all surveys provided upon request.
  • Video data processed quickly and accurately via state-of-the-art computer algorithms.
  • Traffic movement data is available in a range of output classifications and forms.

Carpark facilities and entrances and existings to developments

  • Conceptual plan preparation that considers:
    • Access / Egress locations, aisle and car park layout and usability review.
    • Design vehicle identification and manoeuvring requirements.
    • Car parking rates for particular land uses and operations.
    • Pavement design, wearing course selection, pavement marking and signage requirements.
  • Structural design of shade facilities is also undertaken in-house and integrated into the overall design.

Traffic Impact assessments

  • Background traffic assessments and capacity verification modelling.
  • Estimation of traffic generated by the development and operational uses.
  • Traffic distribution within surrounding road networks.
  • Entry / Exit splits and associated variations in traffic movements.
  • Intersection modelling using SIDRA (Right of way/signed, Roundabouts, Signalised)
  • Prepare detailed intersection / lane configuration plans compliant with all statutory guidelines. (Austroads, DTMR, RMS)
  • Safety audits of preliminary design and final detailed designs.